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Reading Fishing Club General Rules

The name of the Club shall be the READING FISHING CLUB.

Club Management
a) The Club shall be managed by the following:- Chairman, Vice Chairman, General Secretary, Treasurer, Permit Secretary, Match Secretary, Minute Secretary, and Head Bailiff. These officers shall be the duly constituted Trustees.
b) These Officers plus a further 12 members shall form the Executive Council (EC) which will have full executive powers and whose members shall be the only members permitted to vote at EC meetings except at the discretion of the Chairman. From the EC shall be elected annually:- Assistant Match Secretary(s) and Delegate(s) to the R&DAA.
c) The EC may set up sub-committees to be responsible for any aspects of Club business, their decisions to be subject to the final approval of the EC.
d) Two Auditors shall be elected annually.
e) Life President shall be an honorary position, elected as necessary by secret ballot of the EC

All EC members shall hold office for a term of three years. Elections for vacant seats shall be held at every AGM. Nominations shall be in the hands of the General Secretary two months prior to the AGM.

The EC shall have full powers to co-opt and senior member to fill vacancies at EC Meetings on a temporary basis.

a) All serving officers receive a free membership of the RFC.
b) Honorary Life Membership can be bestowed upon any member (or ex member). Proposals for this honour are considered by the EC and voted on by secret ballot. Honorary Life Members receive a free RFC membership.
c) Non members can be proposed for the honorary role of Life Vice President for services rendered to the Club. Proposals for this honour are considered by the EC and voted on by secret ballot.
NB. All Honorary Life Members elected prior to 30th September 2000 will have the option of receiving a free R&DAA permit. All existing Life members on the 30th September 2000 will become Honorary Life members and will receive free RFC membership.

The Club shall not be dissolved so long as the membership exceeds 50, and then only by a meeting of the trustees of which all members have received a 21-day prior notice. In the event of dissolution all assets and monies shall be divided pro rata among existing members who have paid the annual subscription at least 8 weeks prior to dissolution.

The term "life" as in Honorary Life Member, Life President, Life Vice President, etc is defined to be : -

For life, or
Until resignation, or
Until removed from office at an AGM or EGM by a majority vote in a secret ballot of members.

The membership year and Club competition season if from 1st April one year to the 31st March of the following year inclusive.

On entry a member shall pay the current subscription fee.
Junior members are those who are not yet 17 years old prior to the 1st April of the membership year. When a junior has been a member of the club for the two years immediately prior to becoming a senior then he/she is eligible for a discounted membership whilst in full-time education. Junior members who are not yet 12 years old prior to 1st April of the membership year shall be eligible for free membership, but must be accompanied at all times by a senior member who will be responsible for their conduct and safety.

Majority membership is available to those who have reached the age of 65 prior to the 1st April of the membership year.

Members who are Registered Disabled are entitled to the same subscription rate as Majority Members.

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) shall be held during March; a calling notice will be published on the Club's Website. Written notice of propositions must be in the hands of the Secretary by the December EC meeting. Propositions will be published on the Club website and formal written amendments must be in the hands of the Secretary by the February EC meeting. Propositions and amendments will not be accepted at the AGM.

An Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) may be called by any member in writing to the General Secretary, and endorsed by at least 10 members. This request must be in the hands of the General Secretary at least 28 days prior to the date of the proposed meeting. At least 70% of the signatories to this request must be in attendance at this meeting. A calling notice and details of the business will be published in a newsletter at least 14 days prior to the date of the proposed meeting.

An EC meeting shall be held monthly at the Club's Headquarters and shall be open to Club members only. A quorum shall be half of the EC. The March EC meeting may be dispensed with as the AGM is held in March.

13. Voting by secret ballot to nominate the winner of the "Angler of the Year" award shall take place at the EC meeting prior to the Annual Prize Giving by the majority of members present at that EC meeting.

14. Where pools monies have to be paid in advance of a team competition the Club will, on receipt of the selected team(s), forward the correct amount to the appropriate authority. The selected team members must repay the monies then owed to the RFC, within 14 days of the match concerned. Failure to repay would result in action being taken against the angler concerned, such action to be decided at a meeting of the EC.

15. Specimen Fish
All entries for specimen fish are to be submitted in writing, with the name and address of at least one witness, to reach the Match Secretary within 14 days of the capture. The scales used must be made available for verification if required.
The minimum qualifying weights will be published in the membership permit.
Prizes will only be eligible for fish caught in;

(1) RFC and R&DAA Waters, or
(2) RFC Matches, or
Waters available free of charge to all members within a 25 mile radius of Reading Town Hall.

16. Prize Rules
All trophies shall be presented at the Annual Prize Giving.
All unrestricted Reading Fishing club matches will count towards points and weights positions, but only the best twelve results will be counted.

17. Special Rules
a) Members shall conduct themselves in a proper and sportsman-like manner.

b) The EC shall be the sole authority for the interpretation of these rules, and the decision of the EC on any questions, or on any matter affecting these rules or the Club, not provided for in these rules, shall be binding on all members. Any member not conforming to these rules shall be liable to suspension.

Rule Amendments
18. None of these rules or the Reading Fishing Club Match rules shall be altered, amended, rescinded or added to, except at an AGM, or at an EGM, and then only by the majority of members present at these meetings. All resolutions must be proposed and seconded in writing to the meeting in accordance with Rule 11 and Rule 12.

These Reading Fishing Club Rules will be binding for a period of three years from the date printed below before the above paragraph can be implemented except at the discretion of the Executive Council.


19. The Reading Fishing Club is intent that children, young people and vulnerable adults, will find angling a safe environment in which to have fun, learn and develop, and will seek to ensure this by adopting, using and promoting the JAGB Child Protection Policy Guidelines document.