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Reading Fishing Club Match Rules

Section 1. Rules governing RFC Matches

The Match Secretary and his assistants shall decide venues, dates and duration of matches annually.
The draw of pegs for the match shall commence not later that one hour before the match and shall be conducted in an orderly manner.
Any pegs not drawn shall be left with the Section Steward closest to the site of the draw. Any late arrivals or "redraws" must make a valid draw from this steward.
The Match Secretary shall, with assistants, obtain their peg prior to the completion of the draw.
All matches shall be pegged down and shall not exceed 5 hours duration.
Whenever possible, competitors shall be pegged a minimum of 25 yards apart.
A whistle shall signal the start and finish of the match.
All matches shall be fished to "no size limits", unless a higher authority governs size limit.
All coarse fish in "season", excluding pike, to be weighed in at club matches.
Fish and the use of artificial lures as bait are not allowed at matches.
Weighing-in of fish shall be done at the competitors peg.
All trophies won by members in club matches, to be engraved at the club's expense. Cups to be returned in a clean condition for engraving by the end of January. Members not returning trophies will not receive any trophy or prize for the current year.

Points system:-
Only the best 12 to count over the whole season
Points awarded as follows:-
1st 20 points, 2nd 19 points, 3rd 18 points etc to 19th 2 points
The Points Trophy to go to the person with the highest total.
In the event of RFC having a match against a visiting club, or clubs,
a person fishing that match and being a member of one or more of those clubs must decide before the start of the draw which club they wish to fish for in respect of trophies, money or secondary competition within that match. They will however, be able to qualify for any points for his/her club that they would have received in respect of his/her finishing position in the final match result.
That the pools for RFC Matches, which are entirely optional, are under the control of the match organiser.
Section 2. Rules governing competitions in RFC Matches
A peg is defined to be the numbered piece of wood, paper or plastic placed in or on the bank. A competitor who draws a peg marked "Steward" will be a Section Steward.
  A competitor's swim on running water shall be extended from one yard upstream of his/her peg, to one yard above the next peg downstream. Note: - a downstream end swim is limited to 40 yards in length. A competitor's swim on still water shall extend from halfway from his/her peg and the peg to the right, to halfway from his/her peg and the peg to the left and halfway between his/her peg and the peg on the opposite bank. Note: - End swims are limited to 40 yards in length and half the width of the Water. Canals are considered as still waters.
2.3 A competitor must fish one yard either side of a line drawn through
his peg at right angles to the bank.
2.4 A competitor may play and land a fish from anywhere in his/her swim.
2.5 No competitor shall fish the venue on the same day prior to the match.
2.6 No member of the club can fish on the venue during the match if he has not drawn a peg.
2.7 No assistance is to be given to a competitor (except a junior), when netting a fish.
2.8 Any member having booked in for a club match, who is then unable to fish the match, must take all reasonable steps to inform the Match Secretary or his assistant prior to the match concerned. A member who fails to attend a booked match at least twice will automatically be suspended from entering any further club matches that season. Any member persistently disregarding this requirement may, at the discretion of the EC, be barred from fishing club matches for a longer period.
Competitors shall fish with one hook and one line at any time.
No competitor shall break the water prior to the commencement of the match, except for wetting ground bait, plumbing their swim and positioning of rod rest, bank sticks and keepnets, or for dragging the swim in lakes or gravel pits, for a maximum of 30 minutes.
A competitor may lodge an appeal within 30 minutes of the match commencing if in his/her opinion the swim is not fishable. If, in the opinion of the Match Organiser, or in his absence the Section Steward, following such an appeal, the swim is not fishable, then the competitor may have a "re-draw".
Any competitor, who leaves his swim, must first remove his tackle from the water (except keepnets) and remove bait from hook.
Any competitor must use a keepnet of not less than the size and of type laid down in the by-laws of that authority in whose area the match is fished.
The Match Organiser's (or in his absence a Section Steward) decision on the day will be final in all matters. Competitors have the right of appeal to the EC provided the matter was raised on the day with the Match Organiser (or in his absence Section Steward).
Competitors will refrain from the disposal of excess bait into the fishery.
Each competitor is responsible for the litter in their swims, and will not be weighed in at the end of a club match unless his/her swim is free of litter.
Competitors must not keep so many fish in the keepnet that they become distressed with the possibility they could die.
After the weighing of fish, competitors must ensure that the fish return to the water carefully with due regard to their well-being.
Any breach of rules in this section may result in the disqualification of the competitor.
The use of bloodworm and joker to be banned on RFC matches.
The Champions' Match is an official Club Match. Those eligible to fish are: - the Fifteen Club Match winners, the Points Champion and the current Reigning Champion.

Section 3. Rules for RFC Teams
All Teams representative of RFC shall be selected annually by an elected Club Captain, with assistance given by the Match Secretary, when required.
3.2 Any competitor who wishes to fish for RFC in any team competition, must give his/her name to the Club Captain at least 2 calendar months prior to the date of the match (es) for which they wish to be considered. The Club Captain is responsible for informing the Match Secretary where relevant.

Section 4
These Reading Fishing Club Match Rules will be binding for a period of three years from the date printed below. Except at the discretion of the EC.
2nd MARCH 2013