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Reading Fishing Club Specimen Fish List

Species Qualifying Weight Record Holder Weight
Roach 1lb 8oz R Cook 1975 2lb 3oz
    D Gear 1976
Rudd 1lb 8oz Open  
Grayling 1lb 8oz Open  
Brown Trout 3lb 0oz P Townsend 1977 4lb 2oz
Rainbow Trout 5lb 0oz Open  
Eel 2lb 0oz L Wilby 1989 4lb 2oz
Bream 4lb 0oz P Johnson 2006 13lb 14oz
Pike 10lb 0oz H White 1982 32lb 12oz
Chub 3lb 0oz A Clark 6lb 14oz
Dace 0lb 9oz J Harding 1987 1lb 2oz
Perch 1lb 4oz S O’Keefe 2004 4lb 0oz
Barbel 6lb 0oz A Ridge 2003 15lb 12oz
Tench 4lb 0oz P Johnson 2006 9lb 2oz
    D Gear 2005 7lb 12oz
Common Carp 12lb 0oz A Dodd 2000 41lb 0oz
Mirror Carp 15lb 0oz A Dodd 2000 52lb 0oz
Crucian Carp 1lb 0oz B Webb 2005 4lb 0oz
Gudgeon 0lb 2oz Open  
Bleak 0lb 2oz Open  
Qualifying fish; see General Rule 16
Species Qualifying Weight Record Holder Weight
Mirror Carp 15lb 0oz A Richards 2013 29lb 10oz
Common Carp 12lb 0oz B Dyson 2012 27lb 0oz
Crucian Carp 1lb 0oz Open  
Pike 10lb 0oz A Clark 2010 26lb 8oz
Tench 4lb 0oz A Clark 2011 8lb 12oz
Bream 4lb 0oz D Bosher 2014 8lb 2oz
Roach 1lb 8oz Open  
Perch 1lb 4oz Open  
Rudd 1lb 8oz Open  

a) All enteries for specimen fish are to be submitted in writing,with the name and address of at least one witness, to reach the Match Secretary within 14 days of capture. The scales used must be made available for verification if required.
b) The minimum qualifying weights will be published in the membership permit.
c) Prizes will only be eligible for fish caught in;
(1) RFC & RDAA Waters, or
(2) RFC Matches, or
(3) Waters available free of charge to all members within a 25 mile radius of Reading Town Hall