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                                 IMPORTANT NOTICES


Beale Park

There will be a few changes at Beale Park lake over the next

few weeks. We will still be able to fish the lake throughout this

period, but we may be restricted to the banks we can use.

A weed-cutting boat is scheduled to be on the lake for 5th August (tomorrow). 

Apparently we can still fish but please keep out of the way of

the boat as it will be working the whole lake and not avoiding


Sincere apologies for the short notice - we only just found out

ourselves. Once we know more we will post updates.

Tappens 16th August BBQ match,

If you are attending you need to book by the 12th August with

Pete Budaji



Permits are available to purchase at Angling Direct Reading from THURSDAYS -  SATURDAYS ONLY 


CASH or CHEQUE payment only. Cheques made payable to Reading Fishing Club

To make your permit application/renewal quicker and easier for Angling Direct Staff adhering to COVID-19 working practices, if you are able to, please download and print the new permit application/renewal form from our website at home first, then complete the form at home before taking it with you to Angling Direct.

Postal applications can also be made by downloading the new permit membership/renewal form above. Address where to send postal application to is on the permit appllication form, do not forget to enclose a stamped addressed envelope.


The toilet located near the maintenance hut between Tappens and Osier is open for emergencies, providing that people bring and use their own hand sanitiser/wet wipes and wipe it down before and after use.


A reminder all rubbish to be taken home with you, no excuses.


Calcot golf club has been booked  for the prize giving

on Friday 16th October.


It is vital that members adhere to the guidelines below, any
transgressions will be severely dealt with and may result 
in withdrawal of membership or the re-closure of fisheries.



1. Maintain social distancing of a minimum of

    2 metres AT ALL TIMES.
2. Use disposable gloves or clean hands with sanitiser after       

    handling locks/gates etc.
3. Minimum distance of 15 metres to adjacent angler.
4. No keepnets or carp sacks to be used.
5. No non-fishing guests permitted. 

Members please note that the AGM and following EC meetings are cancelled until further notice.

Could all members with RDAA trophies please take them to a Tadley Angling so they can be collected from there.


For returning RFC trophies please contact Pete B.



The Io Trade Centre, 9, 8 Deacon Way,

Reading RG30 6AZ

Phone: 0118 941 2896

For Store Loctions and Directions see the website.




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