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The match on Beale Park lake next Sunday 27th September is going to be moved to the river on section B. The draw will take place in the main car park


The EC have agreed the following new addition to Local Rules for Beale Park Fishery (page 20 in your permit). 8. The use of any live fish as bait is prohibited. This new rule takes effect immediately

PRIZE GIVING - UPDATE Please read carefully Calcot golf club was booked  for the prize giving on Friday 16th October, but

Due to current COVID-19 restrictions There is a (max gathering of 30 people only, in addition only 2 ‘households’ per table) they are therefore  unable to cater for us on 16th October. There will be a discussion on

possible ways forward.

Work party at Beale Park (Saturday 5th September) - Trimming the pegs, hedge trimming, cutting branches back, bank trimming.

Please meet Pete Budaji at 8:00 in the Bottom (Sott’s Hole) car park. Please bring tools strimmers, hedge trimmers, loppers etc, we need as many volunteers turn out as possible.

If any of you are available to help for a few hours please wear suitable clothing, gloves etc. Any help you can provide will be hugely appreciated.

Beale Park Lake - Please read carefully

All members wishing to fish Beale Park lake Over the next few weeks we will be sharing the  lake at Beale Park with Hi5!, a company that train people to paddle-board and kayak.


This is a trial period to see whether a longer-term arrangement is possible. We are keen to get this to work as it will help to support Beale Park during a very difficult year.

Hi5! will be sharing the lake with us on the following dates (mostly Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays):

 - August 6th, 7th, 8th, 13th, 14th, 15th, 20th,  21st, 22nd, 28th, 29th, 31st

 - September 4th, 5th, 11th, 13th, 18th, 20th,  25th, 26th

While they are there, Hi5! are planning to set up a gazebo on the bank nearest the main car park. They are aiming to keep their trainees in the middle of the lake and away from the margins.

Reading Fishing Club members will still be able to fish the lake, from the far bank only (backing on to the river).

Please be courteous and understanding and expect the activity of boats on the water to cause a certain amount of disruption.


If there are any problems please DO NOT approach Hi5! or their customers. Details of any issues should be emailed to 

and we will take these up with Hi5!.



The Annual Reading Fishing Club Open Charity Match is on

Saturday the 12th of September on the Thames at Beale Park.

The draw will take place in the main car park at 08.00 am.

The match will be fished from 10.00 am until 3.00 pm.

£20 pools with a £5 super pool. Limited to 60 pegs so book

early with Pete Budaji on 07761 718419 as soon as possible.
Many Thanks for your continued support. Alan


Permits are available to purchase at Angling Direct Reading from THURSDAYS -  SATURDAYS ONLY 


CASH or CHEQUE payment only. Cheques made payable to Reading Fishing Club

To make your permit application/renewal quicker and easier for Angling Direct Staff adhering to COVID-19 working practices, if you are able to, please download and print the new permit application/renewal form from our website at home first, then complete the form at home before taking it with you to Angling Direct.

Postal applications can also be made by downloading the new permit membership/renewal form above. Address where to send postal application to is on the permit appllication form, do not forget to enclose a stamped addressed envelope.


The toilet located near the maintenance hut between Tappens and Osier is open for emergencies, providing that people bring and use their own hand sanitiser/wet wipes and wipe it down before and after use.


A reminder all rubbish to be taken home with you, no excuses.


It is vital that members adhere to the guidelines below, any
transgressions will be severely dealt with and may result 
in withdrawal of membership or the re-closure of fisheries.



1. Maintain social distancing of a minimum of

    2 metres AT ALL TIMES.
2. Use disposable gloves or clean hands with sanitiser after       

    handling locks/gates etc.
3. Minimum distance of 15 metres to adjacent angler.
4. No keepnets or carp sacks to be used.
5. No non-fishing guests permitted. 

Members please note that the AGM and following EC meetings are cancelled until further notice.

Could all members with RDAA trophies please take them to a Tadley Angling so they can be collected from there.


For returning RFC trophies please contact Pete B.



The Io Trade Centre, 9, 8 Deacon Way,

Reading RG30 6AZ

Phone: 0118 941 2896

For Store Loctions and Directions see the website.





Many thanks to Angus Norman ( SA Scaffolding ) for donating the scaffold for our signage project


Reading Fishing Club is affiliated to Reading & District Angling Association, and is one of the founder members when the association was formed in 1923. The club is also a member of the Angling Trust and Kennet Valley Fishery Association.

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